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Welcome to Air New Zealand business class review, where travelers looking for the utmost comfort, luxury, and individualized service will find an exceptional and premium flying experience in Air New Zealand Business Class. You’ll be treated to a variety of special features that take your journey to new heights from the moment you step on board until you reach your destination.


air new zealand business class
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Business Class cabins feature spacious, lie-flat seats that are tailored for maximum comfort. Take advantage of the comfort of lie-flat seats that can be converted into cozy beds, ensuring that you can sleep and reach your destination feeling refreshed. Every seat has been thoughtfully created to offer plenty of personal space, privacy, and practical storage options.

Gourmet dining

Travelers in business class are treated to the best cuisine available. Savor a variety of gourmet dishes prepared by renowned chefs using the best ingredients and flavors from New Zealand. A premium wine list that offers a wide selection of exquisite wines complements the menu.

Lounge access

Prior to your flight, unwind in the comforts of Air New Zealand’s upscale Business Class lounges. These lounges offer a peaceful environment where you can unwind, work, or enjoy delectable pre-flight refreshments. You can make the most of your time prior to departure by taking advantage of amenities like Wi-Fi, workstations, and showers.

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Procedural perks

Business Class passengers receive priority check-in, security clearance, and boarding, ensuring a smooth and effective travel experience. Additionally, due to priority baggage handling, your checked bags will be among the first to be delivered at the destination.

Extended baggage allowance

You can get up to three pieces of check-in luggage (up to 23 KGs each) flying Air New Zealand Business class and up to 2 carry-on pieces (up to 14 KGs in total with one of the items up to 10 KGs).

To-do on board

Air New Zealand’s cutting-edge in-flight entertainment system will keep you occupied during the duration of your flight. Utilize a personal touch-screen entertainment system to access a wide range of movies, TV shows, music, games, and other media.

Business Class passengers benefit from a number of amenities to make their trip more comfortable. This could include luxurious bedding, amenity kits filled with high-end skincare products, noise-canceling headphones, and other thoughtful extras.

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Wi-Fi connectivity

In Business Class, stay connected with in-flight Wi-Fi. While cruising at 30,000 feet, catch up on emails, surf the web, or keep in touch with loved ones.

Unparalleled Service

The Business Class flight attendants on Air New Zealand are renowned for their gracious hospitality and attentiveness. They are committed to giving you individualized service, anticipating your needs, and making sure your trip is as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

The Business Class on Air New Zealand is created to satisfy the needs of the discerning traveler who values luxury, comfort, and top-notch service. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, selecting Business Class with Air New Zealand ensures a first-rate and truly memorable trip.

You can review the 3D seat map of Air New Zealand Business class below:


In conclusion, Air New Zealand Business Class embodies the pinnacle of comfort, luxury, and individualized service, providing passengers with an unmatched journey. This cabin class elevates the flying experience with its opulent lie-flat seats, fine dining, exclusive lounge access, and exceptional amenities. Air New Zealand’s Business Class makes sure that travelers leave for their trips feeling refreshed, motivated, and truly valued, whether they are traveling for work or pleasure.


Q: What amenities can I expect in Air New Zealand’s Business Class?

Benefits for passengers traveling in business class include roomy lie-flat seats, improved dining options, priority check-in, access to VIP lounges, larger entertainment screens, and increased baggage allowances.

Q: Is Wi-Fi available in Business Class?

In order to keep passengers connected during their flight, some Air New Zealand aircraft have Wi-Fi in the Business Class. According to the aircraft and route, availability might change.

Q: How does Air New Zealand’s Business Class seating differ from other classes?

Compared to Economy and Premium Economy seats, Business Class seats frequently have lie-flat or fully flat beds, providing a higher level of comfort and privacy.

Q: Can I access airport lounges with Business Class tickets?

Yes, business class travelers frequently have access to airport lounges, which offer a cozy and tranquil setting before boarding.

Q: What is the dining experience like in Business Class?

Travelers in business class enjoy fine dining with a variety of menu options created by renowned chefs, frequently paired with a collection of fine wines.

Q: Is Wi-Fi available in Business Class?

Yes, some Air New Zealand aircraft have Business Class Wi-Fi, enabling travelers to stay in touch during their flight. Depending on the plane and the route, availability might change.

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