Air New Zealand Business Lounge

Welcome to the Air New Zealand Business Lounge, where travel is elevated. As soon as you enter this oasis of comfort and luxury, you’ll find yourself in a world that is created to meet all of your needs, from the moment you enter the lounge until you set out on your journey.

Enjoy a sanctuary where productivity, serenity, and first-rate service come together to produce a truly exceptional pre-flight environment. In this topic we will go through the main Air New Zealand Business lounges, their locations and how to access.

Air New Zealand Business Lounge Auckland

Air New Zealand Business Lounge Auckland
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Air New Zealand business lounge Auckland Airport is a premier facility offering luxury and comfort to premium travelers. The lounge has a modern and stylish interior with open plan seating areas and private areas to work or relax. Located in the international terminal, the lounge offers a variety of facilities and services to ensure you have a relaxing and enjoyable pre-flight experience. 

1. Comfortable seats: The lounge has a variety of comfortable seating, including luxurious armchairs, sofas and public tables, creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere for passengers. 

2. Dining area: The lounge has a special dining area where guests can enjoy certain delicacies. The menu usually includes a variety of hot and cold dishes, salads, desserts and appetizers, including international and New Zealand favorites.

3. Premium Beverage Selection: Passengers can enjoy a wide selection of premium wines, beers, spirits and soft drinks. The lounge often features a selection of New Zealand wines, allowing guests to sample the country’s famous wines

4. Barista Coffee: A barista station serves freshly brewed coffee, providing a pleasant pick-me-up for travelers looking for a caffeine boost. 

5. Workspace: For business travelers, the lounge offers a dedicated workspace with ample power outlets and high-speed Wi-Fi to keep guests connected and productive before boarding the plane. 

6. Shower facilities: Passengers can use the shower facilities (with towels and toiletries) in the lounge to freshen up before departure. 

7. Entertainment: The lounge offers a variety of entertainment options including newspapers, magazines, television screens to keep guests informed and entertained during their stay.

 8. Children’s Zone: Families traveling with children can use the playground provided in the lounge area where little travelers can have fun. 

9. Exclusive area for Elite members: Elite members, Gold Card members and Star Point Rewards “Silver Fern” members can use the exclusive lounge area, which provides additional amenities and personal services. 

10. Friendly Staff: Attentive and friendly lounge staff are always ready to assist guests, ensure their needs are met and enhance the overall leisure experience. 

Air New Zealand’s business lounge at Auckland Airport is designed to provide a relaxed and sophisticated environment for passengers to relax, work or socialize before boarding their flight. The lounge offers a variety of facilities and services that reflect the airline’s commitment to providing a high-quality, enjoyable travel experience for its premium passengers.

Air New Zealand Business Lounge Locations

Air New Zealand has business lounges at its main locations, providing eligible customers with excellent opportunities to relax before boarding their flight. Here are some of Air New Zealand famous business lounges:

1. Auckland Airport (AKL) – International Terminal: Auckland Airport’s flagship business lounge is the largest and most comprehensive. It offers a variety of facilities including comfortable seating, dining options, bar service, shower facilities, work space and exclusive areas for Elite, Gold and Silver Fern members. 

Auckland Airport (AKL) - International Terminal & facilities
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2. Wellington Airport (WLG): The business lounge at Wellington Airport offers a relaxed and stylish environment for travelers traveling through the capital. The lounge has comfortable seating, dining options and business facilities.

Wellington Airport (WLG) Terminal & facilities
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3. Christchurch Airport (CHC): The business lounge at Christchurch Airport has a warm and relaxed atmosphere with comfortable seating and a range of refreshments for passengers to enjoy.

Christchurch Airport (CHC) Terminal & facilities
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4. Sydney Airport (SYD): Air New Zealand has a business lounge at Sydney Airport for passengers flying between Australia and New Zealand. The lounge has comfortable seating, dining options and business facilities. 

 Sydney Airport (SYD) Terminal & facilities
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5. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX): Air New Zealand business lounge LAX offers superior relaxation for passengers on long-haul flights between New Zealand and the US. The hotel offers comfortable seating, dining areas, bar service and showers.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Terminal & facilities
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Each of these Air New Zealand business lounges is designed with a modern and stylish interior, offering both communal spaces and private areas for work or relaxation. Passengers can enjoy a variety of complimentary refreshments, including gourmet food and premium wine.

The lounge also features business facilities with high-speed Wi-Fi and charging points to keep guests connected and productive before boarding their flight. As a first-class facility, the Air New Zealand Business Lounge reflects the airline’s commitment to exceptional service and comfort for quality travelers everywhere.

Air New Zealand Lounge access

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The Air New Zealand Business Lounge access can be granted to the following passengers:

1. Business VIP Passengers: Passengers traveling on Air New Zealand long-haul international flights in Business VIP Class can automatically enter the Business VIP lounge before departure. 

2. Airpoints Elite, Gold and Silver Fern Members: Airpoints Elite, Gold and Silver Fern Club members are entitled to Business Lounge access when traveling on Air New Zealand flights (both domestic and international). 

3. Star Alliance Gold Members: Passengers who are Gold Members of Star Alliance member airlines can also use the Air New Zealand Business Lounge before boarding an Air New Zealand flight. This applies to Star Alliance Gold members traveling in any class of service.

4. Virgin Australia Business Class Customers: Virgin Australia Business Class customers traveling on Air New Zealand flights to/from Australia and New Zealand have access to the Business Lounge prior to departure.

Eligible passengers must present their boarding pass or e-ticket and an appropriate membership card (such as an Airpoints Elite, Gold, Silver Fern Club or Star Alliance Gold membership card) or a Virgin Australia Business Class boarding pass to access the business lounge. Lounge staff will verify eligibility and grant lounge access accordingly.

Please note that lounge access rules may vary depending on the specific airport and location of the lounge. For the most up-to-date information on lounge access and procedures, it is recommended to check the Air New Zealand website or contact the airline directly.


In conclusion, the Air New Zealand Business Lounge personifies an atmosphere of luxury and convenience. It provides a prelude to an extraordinary travel experience with its customized services, first-rate amenities, and peaceful atmosphere. This lounge is evidence of Air New Zealand’s commitment to providing excellence throughout your trip.


Q: Who is eligible to use the Air New Zealand Business Lounges?

Access to these lounges is available to Business Class passengers, Airpoints™  Elite, Gold, and Koru members, and eligible Star Alliance Gold members.

Q: Can I bring a guest to the lounge with me?

You might be allowed to bring a guest, depending on your membership status or ticket type. Business Class travelers and members of the Airpoints Elite, Gold, and Koru programs frequently have the choice to bring a guest.

Q: When flying economy, is it possible for me to access the business lounge?

Travelers in business class or eligible frequent flyer members typically have access to the business lounge. Although, for passengers flying in economy class, some of the lounges may offer paid entry options.

Q: What is the dress code for the Business Lounge?

Smart-casual attire is the preferred style. Although there is no set dress code, it is advised to stay away from beachwear and other overly casual clothes.

Q: I’ve arrived at my destination. Can I use the lounge?

Travelers waiting for their flight to be departed are the main focus of Air New Zealand Business Lounges. Normally, access to the lounge is not provided upon arrival.

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