Copa Airlines Reviews

Copa Airlines Reviews
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Official Page
Contact phoneUS – 1 786 840 2672, Panama – 2172672
Contact CenterHelp and contact
Main AirportTocumen International Airport (PTY) – Panama City
AllianceStar Alliance


Overview of Copa Airlines

The main airline of Panama and one of the flag carriers connecting North and Latin America is Copa Airlines. Through this topic, we will try to overview and point out the main information about the airline, which might be important for the potential travelers or just for those, who would like to know more. Fasten your seatbelt and welcome to the Copa Airlines Reviews!

Being established in 1947 it went a long way though to get to the current point as the world-recognized airline. As of today, Copa Airlines operates flights to several domestic and international destinations, including main US and Canadian cities, and their headquarters is located in Panama City.

Being one of the Star Alliance members, Copa Airlines has established a codeshare agreement with numerous partners, expanding their influence and significance in the Western part of the world and sharing the facilities with other Alliance partners.

Copa Airlines operates a wide and modern fleet of aircraft, mostly using Boeings 737s, which was also their first jet back in the 1980s.

They are also very well known for their reliability, comfort, in-flight entertainment options, complimentary meals and snacks, and overall experience of the trip. They offer two main classes: Business class and Economy class, where passengers in business class can enjoy a wider number of services and perks, offered by them.

Having its main hub in Panama City – Tocumen International Airport (PTY), Copa Airline and its hub get used to being called the “Hub of the Americas”, connecting flights between North and South America and allowing its clients to stay united.

Overall Copa Airlines put itself as a reliable and efficient air operator, traveling throughout the Americas and becoming a popular choice for a lot of passengers, fulfilling their picky requirements and satisfying travelers’ expectations.

History and background

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As mentioned above, Copa Airlines established itself in 1947 and began to serve people as a small regional carrier, having only a few domestic routes; Later in the 1970s, opened it’s first international routes to Jamaica, Costa Rica, and Colombia, and in 1980s, Copa Airlines embarked on implementing it’s ambitious plan of international expansion, becoming one of the key figures in Latin America Aviation market.

One of the main reasons for such a brave move is their strategic location – Panama City, which can be considered as a bridge between Americas, allowing to operate smaller jets on long haul flights, by refueling the plane in it’s hub.

Nowadays, Copa is well-known in the region, being a choice of multiple travelers, willing to explore the other side of America.

Copa Airlines’ Mission and Vision

The mission is quite simple, straight, and logical – to provide people with safe, reliable, and efficient services, connecting people and cultures across the Americas; deliver an exceptional travel experience, making sure to guarantee luxury service, comfortable seats, and dedicated, personalized attention from our personnel.

The Vision of Copa Airlines is to be a leading airline in Latin America. They strive to expand their network and make Copa Airlines flights – the first choice.

Copa fosters a corporate culture, together with the values of teamwork, diversity, and continuous self-enhancement among its staff, getting step-by-step closer to its dream and vision – the best and #1 in Latin American

Copa Airlines fleet and destinations

Copa Airlines fleet and destinations
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The fleet of Copa Airlines includes modern and fuel-efficient airplanes, mainly consisting of boeing 737s. Those airplanes are known for their reliability and performance; apart from that, taking advantage of the hub location in Panama- there is no necessity to invest in larger aircraft, keeping their funds competently allocated. So far, Copa Airlines has various models of boeing 737, such as 737-700, 737-800, and 737 MAX 9, simultaneously trying to enhance their airplanes to make a contribution to the World’s eco-system and reduce the emission level produced.

Copa Airlines passengers can explore major cities and routes across the Americas: Panama City, Bogota, Buenos Aires, San Jose, Quito, Cancun, etc. At this moment they are operating in more than 30 countries, allowing it’s passengers to get to more than 80 different routes. Copa Airlines is trying to make itself a preferred choice by its extensive network.

In-Flight Experience

Among the other air operators, serving Latin America, Copa Airlines can be considered a really good airline. Their airplanes are designed to enhance passengers’ comfort; you can experience a padded seat, with ample legroom, and tasty food; and even in economy class, this seat can be pre-selected free of charge for major routes.

A variety of movies, TV shows, channels, music, and games will keep you entertained during the flight and their menu includes various choices of international and regional cuisine, being served with some complimentary snacks. For those, who would like to have some more goods, it is possible to get them, paying directly on the plane.

Copa is also well-known for its friendly personnel and flight attendants, providing dedicated support and care to every traveler. Apart from that, respectfully caring about family connections, Copa positions itself as a family-friendly airline, including child meals and entertainment suitable for kids and families, traveling with infants.

Awards and Recognition

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Throughout its history, a lot of awards and recognition were received for its commitment to service level, safety, and environmental care. Below are some of them:

  1. Copa Airline has permanently received recognition in Skytrax’s World Airline Awards, based on the client’s feedback, including the category such as “Best Airline in Central America and the Caribbean” or “Best Cabin Staff in Central America and Caribbean”.
  2. One of the most important awards (at least, for the customers), that was received is the award for punctuality – “On-time Performance“.
  3. Its loyalty membership program, named ConnectMiles received recognition for the customer-friendly approach and was considered one of the leading in the Americas.
  4. Keep-the-Earth-Green – acknowledgment for its contribution to the environment, by reducing the fuel emissions produced.
  5. The attentive and Friendly cabin crew are permanently working hard and making their contribution to the “Customer Service” award, that Copa has received.
  6. According to TripAdvisor, travelers are rating Copa on a quite high and decent level, confirming the vision of the airline to be the choice of clients.
  7. Even though it is obvious, it is still important to mention that Safety is a top priority, and the Airline was recognized for its efforts and good safety record.
  8. Copa Airlines has also been recognized for its Leadership in the aviation industry in Central America.

All those awards, recognitions, and acknowledgments are just confirming and highlighting the efforts to become better; I believe, that we can absolutely say that “Copa Airlines good airline.”

Loyalty program

Copa Airlines ConnectMiles
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Copa Airlines Loyalty program, called ConnectMiles offers its loyalty to the clients, allowing them to maximize the benefits of traveling. The program gives its clients the opportunity to collect and redeem miles for their benefit.

Travelers can earn miles by flying with Copa Airlines flights or its partners, including most of the Alliance members. The amount of points is calculated based on the destination, distance of the flight, and the selected booking class.

Partnership and Alliances

The main partners of Copa Airlines are, obviously, Star Alliance members – one of the largest and most prestigious air alliances in the world. Hence, Copa Airlines passengers are allowed to the extended and wide route networks around the world, having access to multiple routes.

Apart from that, Copa Airlines established a strategic codeshare agreement with some other airlines, even from the different alliances, such as KLM, Air France, etc.

Copa has a wide interline partnership, allowing its clients to benefit from traveling with local airlines on the same ticket.

Moreover, Copa Airlines is part of a Cargo Alliance, spreading the comprehensive cargo service across the World, including transporting goods to and from various of places.

Overall, partnerships and alliances are part of strategic thinking and planning, and Copa Airlines has already reached its ambitious goals in this field.

Travel Tips and Passenger Information

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Copa Airlines booking and managing reservation

Copa Airlines offers a user-friendly and easy-to-use online booking system via their website or mobile application with comprehensive and competitive prices. It is also possible to book the tickets directly with the airline on the phone, or via a travel agency.

To manage and rule the reservation, Copa offers an online “manage my booking” tool, that allows clients to review the reservation, book additional in-flight services, like seat selection, extra baggage, and extra food on the board; get the boarding passes; request special assistance and pay for any kind of services directly on the same web page. You can also access changes and cancellation policies there.

Copa Airlines Check-in Procedure

Copa Airlines offers its passengers a range of different ways to check in to their flight. It can be done via the mobile application, it can be done online over their web page, or via phone directly with the airline at the airport, using general or self-check-in counters.

However, for those travelers, who have check-in baggage, it is still required to register their baggage at the airport, and this cannot be done online.

It is recommended to attend local flights at least 45 minutes before departure and to be at the airport for international flights at least 2 hours before departure.

You can also expect some dedicated check-in counters at the airport, flying with Copa Airlines business class, or having a high membership status with them.

Copa Airlines Pet Policy

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Copa Airlines has a comprehensive pet policy, allowing clients to fly with their lovely pets and granting them comfort and well-care. The Airline might accept cats and small dogs as carry-ons, however, that is subject to particular rules and restrictions, for example: pets can travel onboard if they can fit under the seat and larger animals are allowed in cargo areas.

Make sure your pet fits the requirements and explore the pet policy here:

Copa Airlines Credit Card Acceptance

The Airline allows its clients to pay with a variety of different credit card providers, such as MasterCard, American Express, Visa, Discovery Club, etc.

Feel free to review the detailed information for the payment, depending on the region here:


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In conclusion, we can say that Copa Airlines almost reached the level of iconic aviation experience in Central America: modern fleet, dedicated assistance, generous rewards, wide partnership and interline options, convenient and easy-to-use online services, extensive in-flight experience, and cherry on top punctuality. All these features are making Copa Airlines the choice, allowing clients to stay connected between the Americas.


What routes does Copa Airlines fly?

Copa Airlines serves more than 80 routes, within North, Central, and South America, including almost every country in those regions.

Is Copa Airlines known for any specific strengths or features?

Copa Airlines is mostly recognized for its punctuality and friendly cabin crew, as well as its efficiency in its hub – PTY Airport.

Does Copa Airlines offer in-flight entertainment and Wi-Fi?

Copa Airlines provides in-flight entertainment, such as movies, TV shows, music, games, etc. Wi-Fi is available on some of the planes, but mostly for an additional fee.

Does Copa Airlines have Premium Economy class?

No, Copa doesn’t have premium economy class on its planes; they serve only business class and economy class.

Is Copa Airlines part of any airline alliance?

Yes, Copa Airlines is part of the Star Alliance Airlines, allowing its clients to collect the miles for its partner’s flights.

Can I reserve economy seats with no fee?

Depending on the selected cabin, you can select your seats in advance. For most of the routes, seats can be selected free of charge, even in the economy cabin.

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