Air New Zealand Economy Skycouch

So, what is the Air New Zealand economy Skycouch?  Using the definition given us by Air New Zealand it is “row of Economy seats that can change into a couch after take-off. …The seats are the same as Economy, except you have a special footrest on each seat. You can lift them halfway up to make a footrest, or all the way up to create a large couch space.” 

The Air New Zealand Economy Skycouch is a special and cutting-edge seating option created to offer more comfort and flexibility for passengers flying in Economy class. By introducing a flexible area that can be converted into a couch-like area, this ground-breaking idea redefines the conventional Economy seating configuration and makes it ideal for lounging or sleeping on lengthy flights.

The Economy Skycouch from Air New Zealand has the following salient characteristics and advantages.


Even though you book the Skycouch only for yourself, or for two of you – you will still get the entire row.

Flexible Seating Configuration

The Economy Skycouch is made up of a row of three Economy seats that can be unfolded into a flat surface, giving passengers the freedom to designate their own private area for rest and relaxation.

With the Skycouch, users can freely raise the legrests and extend the footrests to create a more open and comfortable seating position. Finding a comfortable resting position is made simpler by this inventive design, especially on lengthy flights.

Flexible Seating Configuration
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Ideal for Families and Couples

Families and couples are big fans of the Skycouch. Passengers can create a cozy, private space for two people by reserving a row of three seats together, or they can set up a play and rest area for families traveling with young children.

In-Seat Power and Amenities

Every Skycouch seat has a USB port and in-seat power, allowing passengers to stay connected and charged the entire trip. A personal amenity kit with necessities like a pillow, blanket, and headphones is also provided to each traveler.

Meals Can Be Pre-Ordered

Those using the Skycouch have the choice to order their meals ahead of time. This gives them the option to select from a variety of specialty meals that cater to different dietary requirements, ensuring a more individualized dining experience.

Meals Can Be Pre-Ordered
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Skycouch passengers have access to the in-flight entertainment system, which offers a variety of films, TV shows, music, and other options, just like all Economy passengers on Air New Zealand.

Child-cuddle belt

Families with young children can request a special child-cuddle belt to keep their infants secure and comfortable during flights, adding an extra layer of security when using the Skycouch.

Because it provides a level of comfort and adaptability above and beyond conventional Economy seating, the Economy Skycouch has been well received by passengers. It’s a great option for travelers looking for a more laid-back and enjoyable flight without having to pay extra for Premium Economy or Business class. 

Below you can review the 3D seat map for Air New Zealand Economy Skycouch:


In conclusion, Air New Zealand Economy Skycouch redefines travel comfort by providing customers with a distinctive and flexible seating option. The Skycouch improves the traveling experience by converting a row of seats into a roomy and adaptable space, offering a flexible choice for couples, families, or lone travelers seeking an extra level of comfort.


Q: Can I pre-book the Economy Skycouch online?

Usually, and subject to availability, when making an online flight reservation, you can pre-book the Economy Skycouch.

Q: What amenities are included with the Economy Skycouch?

A dedicated amenity kit filled with necessities like pillows, blankets, and headphones is provided to passengers who book the Economy Skycouch, improving their level of comfort throughout the flight.

Q: How many people can the Economy Skycouch accommodate?

Families or couples should consider the Economy Skycouch because it can fit up to two adults and one child, or one adult and two children.

Q: How does the Economy Skycouch work?

A row of three adjustable seats makes up the Economy Skycouch, which has a flat surface. Legrests and footrests can be raised and extended by passengers to make a cozy and adaptable space for resting or sleeping.

Q: Who can book the Economy Skycouch?

A couple, family, or lone traveler in need of additional space can reserve an Economy Skycouch. It’s a popular option for travelers seeking more comfort.

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