How to access Qatar Airways business class lounges

To access the Qatar Airways business class lounge, you generally need to meet specific criteria, such as flying in Qatar Airways business class or holding an eligible frequent flyer status with Qatar Airways or one of its partner airlines. Below you can find step-by-step guide on how to access the Qatar business class lounge.

How to access Qatar Airways business class lounges

1. Book a Business Class Ticket: Purchase a business class ticket on Qatar Airways for your upcoming flight. Ensure that the fare class you select qualifies for lounge access.

Book a Business Class Ticket
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2. Join Qatar Airways Privilege Club: Enroll in Qatar Airways’ frequent flyer program called Privilege Club. Earn and accumulate Qmiles to achieve elite status, which may grant you lounge access even if you are flying in economy class. Check the Privilege Club website for the latest information on tier benefits.

Join Qatar Airways Privilege Club
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3. Check Partner Airlines’ Programs: If you hold elite status with a partner airline that has a reciprocal agreement with Qatar Airways, you may be eligible for lounge access. Check the respective partner airline’s frequent flyer program for details.

4. Present Your Boarding Pass: Once you meet the eligibility requirements, present your boarding pass and any necessary membership cards or status proof at the lounge entrance.

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5. Enjoy the Lounge Facilities: Once you gain access, you can enjoy the amenities and services offered in the Qatar Airways business class lounge. 

Enjoy the Lounge Facilities
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Remember that lounge access policies can change, and eligibility may vary based on factors such as your ticket fare class, the airport you’re departing from, and your frequent flyer status. Always double-check the current access requirements on Qatar Airways’ official website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date information before your flight.


In conclusion, accessing Qatar Airways business class lounges can significantly enhance your travel experience, offering a range of luxurious amenities and services. Whether you’re a premium cabin passenger, a frequent flyer with elite status, or hold certain credit cards, there are various ways to gain entry into these exclusive lounges.

For business class passengers, the access is often automatic, providing a seamless and comfortable pre-flight experience. Frequent flyers who have achieved elite status with Qatar Airways or its Oneworld alliance partners can also enjoy complimentary lounge access, rewarding their loyalty with added benefits.

For those who may not fall into these categories, certain credit cards, like those affiliated with Oneworld alliance airlines or premium travel cards, may offer complimentary lounge access as a perk. Additionally, travelers have the option to purchase lounge access, allowing them to indulge in the premium facilities regardless of their travel class.


Q: Are children allowed in Qatar Airways business class lounges?

Qatar Airways welcomes children in their business class lounges. However, parents are responsible for supervising their children and ensuring they adhere to lounge etiquette.

Q: Can I use the lounge upon arrival at my destination?

Access to Qatar Airways business class lounges is typically offered for departing flights only. However, some lounges may extend access to passengers arriving on Qatar Airways long-haul flights, depending on the airport and lounge policy.

Q: Can I access Qatar Airways lounges if I’m flying on a different airline?

Generally, access to Qatar Airways business class lounges is reserved for passengers flying with Qatar Airways or its Oneworld alliance partners. However, some premium credit cards or lounge access programs may provide access to partner lounges for eligible travelers.

Q: Can economy class passengers access Qatar Airways business class lounges?

Normally, only business class and first class passengers, along with elite frequent flyers, have access to the business class lounges. However, some premium credit cards offer lounge access benefits for economy class travelers as well.

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