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Qsuite Overview

In this article we will describe what is “Qatar Airways Qsuite”.

Qsuite Overview
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Qatar Airways Qsuite is designed to provide passengers with a more private and personalized flying experience. It features the world’s first-ever double bed in Business Class, allowing passengers traveling together to create a private cabin by sliding the privacy panels in the center section of the cabin.

The Qsuite also offers customizable seating arrangements that cater to individual preferences and travel requirements. Passengers can adjust their seat to face forward or create a social area by adjusting the middle seats to face each other. This flexibility is especially useful for families, friends, or business colleagues traveling together.

The cabin itself is designed with a modern and sophisticated aesthetic, providing a luxurious atmosphere for passengers. Each seat is equipped with ample storage space, a large entertainment screen, and a personal dining table that allows passengers to dine at any time during the flight.

Additionally, Qatar Airways provides a dedicated crew member called a “Cabin Service Manager” to cater to the needs of Qsuite passengers, ensuring a high level of personalized service throughout the journey.

Overall, Qsuite offers an elevated and comfortable flying experience with enhanced privacy, flexibility, and luxury for passengers traveling in Business Class with Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways Qsuite routes


City nameFlight numbers
Cape Town (CPT)QR1369 on some flights, check the seat map
Johannesburg (JNB)QR1363, QR1364, QR1365, QR1366, QR1377 and QR1378


City nameFlight numbers
Bangkok (BKK)QR830 on some flights, check the seat map
Bangalore (BLR)QR572 and QR573
Beijing (PKX)QR892 and QR893
Jakarta (CGK)QR954 on some flights, check the seat map
Karatschi (KHI)QR604 on some flights, check the seat map
Manila (MNL)QR928, QR932, QR934 on some flights, check the seat map
Lahore (LHE)QR620, QR621
Mumbai (BOM)QR556 and QR557
Shanghai (PVG)QR870 and QR557 From November onwards
Seoul (ICN)QR858 and QR859 on some flights, check the seat map
Singapore (SIN)QR944, QR942, QR948 on some flights,  check the seat map
Teheran (IKA)QR490, QR491
Tokyo (NRT)QR806, QR807


City nameFlight numbers
Amsterdam (AMS)QR273 and QR274
Berlin (BER)QR81 and QR82 (From November onwards)
Frankfurt (FRA)QR67, QR68, QR69, QR70
London (LHR)QR1, QR2, QR7, QR8, QR15 and QR16
Manchester (MAN)QR21, QR22, QR27 and QR28
Madrid (MAD)QR117 and QR118
Milan (MXP)QR117, QR118, QR123 and QR124
Munich (MUC)QR57, QR58, QR59 and QR60
Oslo (OSL)QR175, QR176
Paris (CDG)QR39, QR40
Zurich (ZRH)QR93, QR94, QR95 and QR96 on some flights, check seat map


City nameFlight numbers
Atlanta (ATL)QR755 and QR756
Boston (BOS)QR743 and QR744
Chicago (ORD)QR723, QR724, QR725 and QR726
Dallas (DFW)QR729, QR730, QR731 and QR732
Houston (IAH)QR713 and QR714
Los Angeles (LAX)QR739, QR740, QR741 and QR742
Miami (MIA)QR777 and QR778
Montreal (YUL)QR763 and QR764
New York (JFK)QR701, QR702, QR703, QR704, QR705, QR706
Philadelphia (PHL)QR727 and QR728
San Francisco (SFO)QR737 and QR738
Seattle (SEA)QR719 and QR720
Washington (IAD)QR707, QR708, QR709, QR710


City nameFlight numbers
Adelaide (ADL)QR914 and QR915
Auckland (AKL)QR920 and QR921
Melbourne (MEL)QR904, QR905, QR988, QR989


City nameFlight numbers
Buenos Aires (EZE)QR773 and QR774
São Paulo (GRU)QR773, QR774, QR779, QR780,QR785 and QR786

How to recognize the Qsuite

How to recognize the Qsuite
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To determine if an aircraft has Qatar Airways’ Qsuite based on the seatmap, here’s what you can look for:

1. Seat Configuration: The first thing to check is the seat configuration on the seatmap. Qsuite typically features a 1-2-1 layout in Business Class. This means that each seat has direct aisle access, and there are both single seats and paired seats in alternating rows.

2. Privacy Doors: Look for seat icons or indicators on the seatmap that represent privacy doors or partitions. Qsuite is known for its sliding privacy doors that can be closed to create a private cabin. If you see these indicators, it is likely that the aircraft has Qsuite.

3. Center Seats: Pay attention to the center seats in the Business Class cabin. Qsuite’s paired seats can be transformed into a double bed by lowering the center partition. If the seatmap shows paired seats facing each other or a mechanism to convert them into a larger seating area, it suggests the presence of Qsuite.

4. Seat Features: Check for additional features mentioned on the seatmap, such as fully lie-flat beds, storage compartments, large entertainment screens, personal dining tables, and individual power outlets. These amenities are typically associated with Qsuite.

While the seatmap can provide some clues, it’s important to note that seat configurations and availability of Qsuite may vary depending on the aircraft model, route, and updates made by Qatar Airways. Therefore, it is always recommended to double-check the availability of Qsuite on specific flights and dates directly with Qatar Airways or consult their official channels for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Virtual Map

The link provided directs to a 3D view of the seat map for Qatar Airways’ Qsuite. By clicking on the link, passengers can access an interactive visual representation of the cabin layout and seating arrangement of the Qsuite. You can review Qatar Qsuite double bed, single, twin and the Quad.


Qsuite Overview
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Image source: mainlymiles.com

In conclusion, the answer to the question “What is Qsuite on Qatar” – it represents a revolution in luxury air travel, setting a new standard for comfort and privacy in the industry. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the Qsuite offers passengers an unparalleled level of sophistication and personalization during their journey.

With its innovative design, the Qsuite provides a spacious and private cabin environment, featuring sliding doors that ensure privacy and tranquility throughout the flight. The customizable seating arrangement allows for a variety of configurations, catering to individual travelers, couples, families, or business colleagues.

Passengers can indulge in a range of delectable dining options, prepared by renowned chefs, and enjoy an extensive selection of entertainment choices on the largest in-flight entertainment screens available. The seamless integration of technology and elegant craftsmanship elevates the Qsuite experience to new heights, making every journey with Qatar Airways truly exceptional. Whether traveling for business or leisure, Qatar Qsuite delivers an unmatched level of comfort, privacy, and luxury, redefining the future of air travel.


Q: What is Qsuite?

Qsuite is the Business Class cabin product offered by Qatar Airways, renowned for its luxurious and innovative features. It provides passengers with enhanced privacy and comfort, making it one of the most sought-after Business Class experiences in the aviation industry.

Q: Can I book Qsuite on all Qatar Airways flights?

While Qatar Airways has been progressively introducing Qsuite on its long-haul routes, it may not be available on all flights or routes. It is advisable to check the availability of Qsuite on your specific flight when booking.

Q: How do I know if my flight has Qsuite?

When booking your flight, you can check the aircraft type assigned to your route. Qsuite is typically available on Qatar Airways’ Boeing 777-300ER, Airbus A350-1000, and select A350-900 aircraft. The airline’s official website and booking platform should indicate the aircraft type during the booking process.

Q: Is Qsuite worth the upgrade from Economy or Premium Economy?

The decision to upgrade to Qsuite depends on your preferences, budget, and travel needs. Qsuite offers a significant enhancement in comfort, privacy, and service compared to Economy or Premium Economy. If you value a luxurious and exclusive travel experience, Qsuite is well worth considering.

Q: Can I access Qsuite lounges before the flight?

Qatar Airways offers premium lounges, such as the Al Mourjan Business Lounge in Doha, for Qsuite passengers and eligible frequent flyers. These lounges provide additional amenities, including fine dining, spa services, and relaxation areas.

Q: Are Qsuite seats suitable for solo travelers and couples?

Yes, Qsuite seats are designed to cater to both solo travelers and couples. The quad configuration allows couples to enjoy a private space together, while solo travelers can close the privacy doors for a secluded experience.

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