Qatar Airways Economy class

Qatar Airways’ Economy Class offers a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience for passengers. The cabin features well-designed seats with sufficient legroom and adjustable headrests to ensure passenger comfort throughout the flight. Let’s discuss some key points about Qatar Airways’ Economy Class.

Main features of the Economy cabin

Qatar Airways Economy class
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1. Seat Features: The seats in Economy Class are ergonomically designed, offering a balance between comfort and functionality. Passengers can expect features like seatback screens with a wide selection of entertainment options, USB ports for charging personal devices, and adjustable tray tables for added convenience during meals or working on laptops.

2. Meal: Passengers in Economy Class are treated to a range of complimentary meals and beverages, with menu options inspired by both international and regional cuisine. Qatar Airways pays attention to dietary requirements, offering special meals to accommodate specific needs. Passengers can look forward to enjoying a selection of refreshing beverages, including soft drinks, juices, tea, and coffee.

3. Entertainment: Qatar Airways’ Oryx One in-flight entertainment system provides passengers with a variety of movies, TV shows, music, games, and more. The seatback screens offer a user-friendly interface, allowing passengers to browse and choose from a wide range of entertainment options throughout the flight. 

4. Wi-Fi: Qatar Airways provides in-flight Wi-Fi services on select aircraft, allowing passengers to stay connected and browse the internet during their journey. The availability and pricing of Wi-Fi may vary depending on the aircraft and route.

Economy branded Fares

Qatar Airways Economy class
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Economy Classic

  • Seat Selection: Option to select seats in advance for a fee, subject to availability.
  • Qatar Airways baggage allowance: typically included in the fare – up to 23 KG.
  • Complimentary Meals and Beverages: Passengers receive complimentary meals and a selection of beverages during the flight.
  • In-flight Entertainment: Access to Qatar Airways’ in-flight entertainment system, Oryx One, offering a wide range of movies, TV shows, music, and games.
  • Flexibility: Specific flexibility options may vary based on fare rules and conditions.

Economy Convenience (selected routes)

  • All features of Economy Classic.
  • Priority Services: Access to priority check-in, boarding, and baggage handling.

Economy Comfort (selected routes)

  • All features of Economy Classic.
  • Seat Selection: Enhanced seat selection options, potentially including more spacious seats or seats with extra legroom.
  • Extra Legroom: More legroom for increased comfort during the flight.
  • Priority Services: Access to priority check-in, boarding, and baggage handling.
  • Amenity Kit: Additional amenities, such as an amenity kit containing travel essentials.


In conclusion, Qatar Airways’ Economy Class offers a fantastic travel experience with its comfortable seating, excellent in-flight entertainment, and attentive service. Passengers can enjoy a relaxing journey with ample legroom and a wide selection of entertainment options.

The airline’s commitment to providing a pleasant and hassle-free travel experience makes Economy Class a preferred choice for travelers seeking comfort and value. Whether it’s a short domestic flight or a long-haul international journey, Qatar Airways’ Economy Class ensures a pleasant and memorable trip for all passengers.


Q: What are the baggage allowances in Economy Class?

Baggage allowances in Qatar Airways Economy Class vary depending on the route and fare type. Typically, passengers are allowed one carry-on bag and one checked bag within specific weight and size limits. It’s advisable to check the airline’s website or booking details for the latest baggage allowance information.

Q: How is the inflight dining experience in Economy Class?

Qatar Airways Economy Class passengers are treated to a delightful dining experience with a choice of delicious meals and beverages. Special dietary requirements can be accommodated with prior notice. The airline strives to offer a diverse menu to cater to various tastes and preferences.

Q: Are there any additional charges for seat selection in Economy Class?

Qatar Airways offers complimentary seat selection during the booking process for Economy Class passengers. However, some preferred seats or additional services may incur extra charges. It’s advisable to check the airline’s website or contact customer support for specific details.

Q: Can I upgrade to a higher class from Economy Class?

Yes, Qatar Airways provides the option to upgrade to a higher class, such as Business or First Class, based on availability and fare rules. Passengers can check for upgrade options through Qatar Airways’ website or contact their customer service.

Q: What amenities are provided in Qatar Airways Economy Class?

Qatar Airways Economy Class offers comfortable seats with ample legroom, adjustable headrests, and personal entertainment screens with a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and music. Passengers also receive complimentary meals and beverages during the flight.

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